[ic] DHL api integration

William O. Yates hackware at tru2life.net
Sun Mar 30 09:56:47 EST 2008

> Dear list
> I am in the process of looking into DHL's api for a clients IC application.
> Before I go further, I am wondering if there is any work done in the
> community that is currently working on DHL's ShipIT XML API.
> Contact me on or off list.
> Best,
> Paul Jordan
>   Gish Network
>   For Print, Web, and Life
>   t.626.285.7609 / f.866.401.2657
>   www.gishnetwork.com

Project we funded nearing completion for fedex using their xml interface.

Perhaps it could be extended for dhl.

btw: went to gishnetwork, could not find yer email address...


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