[ic] Authorize.net & fallback to GPG?

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Mon Mar 31 09:56:23 EST 2008

>  > I currently save payment data with GPG and process it manually via an
>  > Authorize.net "virtual terminal" written in ITL.  I'd like to set up a
>  > system so that when an order is placed the payment data is sent to
>  > Authorize.net but the card isn't charged.  Then I can issue a command
>  > to Authorize.net later to charge the card.  I'd like the payment data
>  > to be saved to GPG as a fallback if Authorize.net can't be reached.
>  >
>  > Has anyone implemented anything like this?
>  Does Authorize.net have an option to set pre-authorisation?
>  That way the charge is not made, but it is tested if it can be made.

Yes, the Authorize.net module can do that.  That sounds like the right
thing to do.  Send a pre-auth, don't give the user any info on the
result of the pre-auth to prevent fraudsters from testing stolen
cards, and later send Authorize.net the signal to charge the card.

Has anyone come up with a satisfactory system for giving the user info
on the result of their pre-auth, but preventing fraudsters from
testing stolen cards?

>  On disk you can have your orders saved. I believe that happens standard in
>  the demo, including gpg creditcard data ... If not then it is something you
>  can turn on ....

Yes, I'm doing that now.  Is there a way to have payment info saved to
disk with GPG only as a fallback in case Authorize.net can not be

- Grant

>  Gert

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