[ic] Authorize.net & fallback to GPG?

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Mon Mar 31 11:55:45 EST 2008

Grant writes: 

>>  > I currently save payment data with GPG and process it manually via an
>>  > Authorize.net "virtual terminal" written in ITL.  I'd like to set up a
>>  > system so that when an order is placed the payment data is sent to
>>  > Authorize.net but the card isn't charged.  Then I can issue a command
>>  > to Authorize.net later to charge the card.  I'd like the payment data
>>  > to be saved to GPG as a fallback if Authorize.net can't be reached.
>>  >
>>  > Has anyone implemented anything like this? 
>>  Does Authorize.net have an option to set pre-authorisation?
>>  That way the charge is not made, but it is tested if it can be made.
> Yes, the Authorize.net module can do that.  That sounds like the right
> thing to do.  Send a pre-auth, don't give the user any info on the
> result of the pre-auth to prevent fraudsters from testing stolen
> cards, and later send Authorize.net the signal to charge the card. 
> Has anyone come up with a satisfactory system for giving the user info
> on the result of their pre-auth, but preventing fraudsters from
> testing stolen cards?

I'm providing information back to the customer, in my case the pre-auths are 
very obvious in the bank system to authorise them. If I see 25 failed ones 
and then a succeeded one, I check with the bank about this. Even when there 
are 1-2 wrong ones I check if there could be an issue. 

>>  On disk you can have your orders saved. I believe that happens standard in
>>  the demo, including gpg creditcard data ... If not then it is something you
>>  can turn on ....
> Yes, I'm doing that now.  Is there a way to have payment info saved to
> disk with GPG only as a fallback in case Authorize.net can not be
> reached?

I suppose this could be done (as can everything in Interchange), but I do 
not have an example for that ... I just frequently remove the order files 
from disk. But I'm not getting thousands of orders so I can keep track of 
everything easily. 

> - Grant 
>>  Gert
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