[ic] UPS Worldship Integration

Steve Graham icdev at mrlock.com
Tue May 6 16:50:04 UTC 2008

>I was just reviewing the connection/import feature within worldship,
>and I think it will be better having worldship talk through and ODBC
>connection to the MySql database. I'll try to document this as I go.

For some reason UPS Worldship doesn't like talking to the MySQL 
server using ODBC Connector 5.1.4. I didn't try any other versions.

I created a MS Access table/database to temporarily copy order 
information, UPS Worldship can read this access file - some of the 
back office php programs can read the MySql database and write to the 
Access file using odbtp ODBC connector for MS Windows.

Not as clean as I would like, but it works.... now to get rid of some 
of those php programs.....


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