[ic] perl and ubuntu 8.04 AMD64

Rick Bragg lists at gmnet.net
Thu May 8 20:00:14 UTC 2008


I need to move some catalogs onto an Ubuntu 8.04 server AMD64.  There
are multiple versions of IC that I need to run, so I won't be using
apt-get install interchange...  One will be 5.4.0 and I will have a
couple of 5.4.2's going as well, so they will be installed from source.

I saw some postings about perl 5.8.8. is OK to run with threads. Is this
true?  I am using the ubuntu 8.02 server AMD64 standard "threaded"

when I installed Bundle::Interchange, I had to use "force" in order for
it to work. and for some reason, my catalogs are not working with mysql.
I get an error that says:
 "must have either MySQL or Postgres"  
So for some reason, it is not seeing the variable.txt entry:
 "MYSQL   1       Database"
Or something else is going on...

These may be unrelated issues, but does anybody have experience
installing source versions of IC on ubuntu (not using apt-get)? and how
should I deal with perl on this distro?


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