[ic] [env REMOTE_ADDR] & [data session ohost] = different values

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Wed May 21 14:52:03 UTC 2008

Grant writes: 

> I sometimes get different values for [env REMOTE_ADDR] and [data
> session ohost].  Does anyone know what type of a situation would cause
> that to happen?

My (semi education) guess would be that in this case the person comes 
through a proxy which cases an alternative $CGI::remote_addr  value, see: 

lib/Vend/Server.pm   has a line in (sub populate):
$CGI::remote_addr = $ip; 

Here a different IP might be put in $CGI::remote_addr   which then ends up 
in [data session ohost]  via lib/Vend/Session.pm  .... 

The [env] tag will still work with the environment variable. 



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