[ic] Trying to upgrade to 5.6.0 but in a mess

Rene Hertell interchange at hertell.com
Mon May 26 00:33:04 UTC 2008

Andrew Rich wrote:
> Hi All
> Was: IC 5.4.2 Perl 5.6.1 MySql 3.23.58
> I downloaded IC 5.6.0 and attempted to install.  This failed due to
> Perl version was 5.6.1. Downloaded and attempted install of Perl


> I have since returned to try and complete KitchenSink install and
> have errors.  I have included the following to see If someone can
> point me back in the right direction.
> [root at server build]# perl -MCPAN -e 'install 


Hi Andrew,

I guess that your cpan-installs where made with your original perl, and 
not with he new-one..

What did was that I installed my custom perl into a completely own 

sh Configure -Dprefix=/opt/perl -de

If you want multiple perl-versions, then just set the prefix to for 
example /opt/perl-5.10.0 for this version, and if you one day install a 
new one, then just change the prefix again (for me this is the best way 
to keep one perl with all its stuff completely in one location.

Then when installing cpan modules be sure to use the freshly installed 
perl-version by calling it with

/opt/perl/bin/perl  (or even /opt/perl/bin/perl5.10.0)

Now when you install IC, be sure that you also call Makefile.PL with 
your new perl

/opt/perl/bin/perl Makefile.PL

You should also doublecheck the shebangs in the interchange files after 
the install that IC runs with the custom perl.. do a

grep -r "\!/usr/bin/perl" *

in the directory where you installed IC, and replace the wrong shebangs 
with the correct one..

You could also add your new perl to your PATH to make things easier...

Hope this helped :-)


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