[ic] MV_DEFAULT_MATCHLIMIT setting problem

murahashi at ayayu.com murahashi at ayayu.com
Mon May 26 12:29:22 UTC 2008

Thank you Rene,

 [var MV_DEFAULT_MATCHLIMIT] returns me 100.
 I added [value mv_matchlimit] at the top of results.html.
show matchlimit is 50 

show matchlimit is 100

IC v5.2.0 does not support MV_DEFAULT_MATCHLIMIT ?

My interchange/lib/Vend/Scan.pm shows below.

sub _matchlimit {
    my $val = lc(shift);
    return -1 if $val eq 'none' or $val eq 'all';
    return int($val) || $::Variable->{MV_DEFAULT_MATCHLIMIT} || 50;


At 2008/05/26 19:05:03, Rene Hertell <interchange at hertell.com> wroteF
>murahashi at ayayu.com wrote:
>> Hello,
>> MV_DEFAULT_MATCHLIMIT don't work as mv_matchlimit default value.
>> Does anyone use this variable?
>> I added the line below in catalog.cfg and restarted IC. Variable
>Hi Shozo,
>Does [var MV_DEFAULT_MATCHLIMIT] return you 100, or is it empty? If it's 
>empty, then that variable is not set corretly..
>Did you edit catalog.cfg in Windows? If you did, then make sure that you 
>save the file in "unix-mode" without the carriage returns that 
>windows-editors tend to add to edited text-files..

>... You can't scare me. I drive a school bus!
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