[ic] Trying to upgrade to 5.6.0 but in a mess

Andrew Rich andrew at mapsdownunder.com.au
Tue May 27 11:14:51 UTC 2008

> On 05/26/2008 03:51 AM, Andrew Rich wrote:
> > RH 7.3
> > All updates were tar.gz no rpm for a long time.
> > This has been part of the problem as different locations for files.
> > Andrew
> I'm glad you decided to upgrade IC, but you really should have taken
> the
> opportunity to upgrade you distro at the same time.  RH7.3 is old and
> not even slightly supported.  You should really consider upgrading to
> something new.  Try Centos if you want a long term support enterprise
> Linux based on Red Hat.
> Peter
Thank you for the reply.

Yes I agree.  I am looking for an opportunity to build a whole new server
both hardware and software.

Centos was one I was considering as was Ubuntu.


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