[ic] image and title price

Music music at labyrinth.net.au
Sun Nov 2 05:26:09 UTC 2008

> How do I get  each products to show the image title and price for each
> product in that
> category. I was looking at the demo to see if I can find anything that
> will show that.

You can modify results.html to suit your needs or use one of the other demo 
results pages as a starting point.

Below is a link from the current on-line demo however I have added 
sp=results_big to the URL which tells interchange to use results_big.html 
instead of the default results.html


This does what you are asking though you may want to remove some fields i.e. 
you may not want to show the full description of the product, quantity or 
buy button. Just edit results_big.html until the lists look like what you 

You can save your modified results page as results.html if you want it to 
load by default.

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