[ic] mv_order_subject won't set in log_transaction IC 5.6.0

IC ic at tvcables.co.uk
Sun Nov 2 22:03:19 UTC 2008

> > In interchange 5.6.0 I have found it impossible to set mv_order_subject
> in
> > log_transaction. I found a post on the list (link at bottom) from Mike
> Heins
> > that referred to a similar problem with mv_order_number, in order to be
> able
> > to set mv_order_subject in log_transaction or on a checkout page using
> an
> > <input type hidden> I have had to add this to order.pm
> >
> > 		if($Vend::Session->{mv_order_subject}) {
> > 			$value_save->{mv_order_subject} =
> > 				$::Values->{mv_order_subject} =
> > 					$Vend::Session->{mv_order_subject};
> > 		}
> >
> > Is this the most appropriate way to fix this?
> >
> Not in my opinion. You shouldn't need to do it in log_transaction. I do
> this type of thing myself, but I do it in the order profile where the
> values are normally accessible. I leave the %n in there to insert the
> order number.
> It might make some sense to have a better way in general to manipulate
> the order subject, but I think that I would prefer to make the mechanism
> better if we were to change it at all. For example, make the order report
> be a separate route -- which you could do right now, in fact.

Hi Mike,

The problem I had was that I wanted the report email subject to include the
Paypal transaction ID from the Paypalexpress module, I tried it in the order
profile but couldn't get the transaction ID into the subject, I presumed
that this was because the ID had not yet been created when the profile ran?


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