[ic] Flypage with speaking urls

Marko Kuzio marko.kuzio at kochan.de
Tue Nov 4 17:43:11 UTC 2008

hi list,

i look to a way to call the flypage with speaking url.
current i use the article_number as flypage param.



but i like an flypage calling with more informations about
the articles



my questions:

is it possible to check more then one value to the product database
if we call the flypage (in this case article_nr, model...)?

where the right place to define the product database key for the flypage
setting? i search the place where i can say the flypage param is the
article_nr field in my postgress db.

or other technical ways possible to create speaking urls without apache
rewrites or re-structure the existing catalog?

thanx and greets, mak

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