[ic] Flypage with speaking urls

Marko Kuzio marko.kuzio at kochan.de
Wed Nov 5 15:39:37 UTC 2008

 >> Hi Marko,
 >> MK> example:
 >> MK> www.mystore.com/22501-manufacturer-model.html
 >> MK> my questions:
 >> MK> is it possible to check more then one value to the product
 >> database

 >> if you do it like in your example you don't have to look for the
 >> other fields in the database since you still have the sku included.
 >> The additional values (manufacturer and model) would only be
 >> "cosmetic" for your customers and search engines.
 >> You could just ignore them for the search since the sku definitely
 >> identifies your product.

hm, ok, again:

in my db config, i set the article_nr (numeric value!) as product key.
now i like to call the flypage with a combination from more article 
fields. now i look to an way to extract the other fields from the 
item-field - the flypage need only the article_nr.

example old style:


example new style:


if call my flypage with new style url, redirect to missing.html - its
ok, 22501-manufacturer-model is not a correct article_nr

my idea are the follow steps:

_ check if an flypage call with one article_nr or more, e.g.

_ if more, parse and extract the article_nr
   (its only the first value - delimited by -)

_ if single value, do nothing - [item-code] is correct

_ flypage find my article because we extract the article_nr from string,
   [item-code] has the value from article_nr

which is the best solution for this steps?
is this possible with actionMap?


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