[ic] admin order entry assistance sought

tom at readyink.com tom at readyink.com
Thu Nov 6 15:21:43 UTC 2008

The interchange admin interface has a page for manual order entry.

My 5.6 store has a heavily modified catalog, but I have replaced the
profiles.order file with the 5.6 version for this test.  The admin manual
order entry page simply returns without error (on screen or log file) even
when all the data is filled in (PO or CC).  The order is not added to the
database.  My question is how do I start to debug this?

The admin order entry page seems to mostly work on the icdevgroup.org demo
store.  When using a PO number it gives what looks like a configuation
error, and today the admin login is not working.  But this is probably not
related to my question, since it did work yesterday with the test credit

thank you in advance,
tom friedel
tom at readyink.com

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