[ic] IpHead & IpQuad

Margus Pau margus at kriso.ee
Tue Nov 11 20:00:44 UTC 2008


Even setting the following lines in Interchange.cfg

DomainTail No
IpHead     Yes
IpQuad     3

IP checking is still done by full IP addresses not just 3 first parts of 
IP's. In Vend/Dispatch.pm I've found the following code:
            my $compare_host    = $CGI::secure
                                ? ($Vend::Session->{shost})
                                : ($Vend::Session->{ohost});

            elsif ($compare_host ne $CGI::remote_addr) {
both $comparehost and $CGI::remote_addr are both full IP's So how should 
IpHead and IpQuad change these values.

Solution for me would be just rewriting this code in Dispatch.pm but 
maybe there are other solutions? Is this a bug?

Kind regards,
Margus Pau

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