[ic] 5.6.1 demo cart has CSS image issue?

Carlc Internet Services mvu at carlc.com
Tue Nov 18 15:47:04 UTC 2008

Hi everyone,

	I loaded the 5.6.1 cart for a new customer. When I go to the pages I don't get the proper CSS images. I am using the 5.6.1
demo right out of the box. I do get these error messages:

/cgi-bin/gocart/index.html CSS dir images does not exist
/cgi-bin/gocart/search.html CSS dir images does not exist.
Etc for different pages.

	I even checked the settings between my cart and the demo cart on the icdevgroup website, they are identical. The cart
works, but the format of the displayed page is horrible. It's missing the yellow and blue bars.

	Any ideas where I screwed up ???
	Carl Couric
	Owner - CarlC Internet Services - www.carlc.com
	Dedicated servers for as low at $75/month

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