[ic] image directory

Darnell Hudson hudsondarnell43 at verizon.net
Thu Nov 20 00:39:17 UTC 2008

Ton Verhagen wrote:
> Quoting Darnell Hudson:
>> can you have to different image directory.
>> one for big images for products and small image for categories
>> if so how would I get my category pages to point the other image 
>> directory
> That's very easy to do....
> Have a look at the [image ...] tag. This tag could prove to be helpful 
> for you.
> You could create sub-directories in the images directory and call
> the image tag using the imagesubdir parameter. 
> For pictures residing in ..../images/large_pictures you would do: 
> [image src="image_name" imagesubdir="large_pictures"]
> Good luck,
> Ton Verhagen
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Ok if I do it like this  [imagesrc="image_name"imagesubdir="large_pictures"]
and I put in the image name I want and imagedir it works fine, but what 
I need it to do
is pull the right image for the right product.  The code I have does not 
work right
[image  imagesubdir="thumb" [products-code]]  I need to have it pull the 
right image
for the right product.

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