[ic] Move IC from /old/path/interchange -> /new/path/interchange: Howto update paths

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Wed Nov 26 20:30:23 UTC 2008

The main thing you have to do is recompile the vlink script (if that's 
what you use) so that it points to the new socket file.  Look in the 
interchange/bin directory for the compile_link program and run it with 
--help to see the options.  If you use something else (mod_ic, etc) then 
there are other ways to tell it where the new socket file is.

Other than that, look for any hard-coded paths in interchange.cfg and in 
any special scripts you use to start or restart interchange with.


On 11/26/2008 07:59 AM, jimbo wrote:
> Can anyone How do I update the server's paths when moving IC from 
> /old/path/interchange -> /new/path/interchange?
> I don't need to change anything, just the paths coded into the installed 
> server.
> I seem to remember there was something somewhere on how to do this, but 
> I can't seem to find it again.
> jimbo
> ;-)

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