[ic] Quantity Price Break

kerry kerry at basicq.com
Sat Nov 29 00:57:14 UTC 2008

>> the errors mentioned earlier. I also tried adding the definitions to the
>> pricing.mysql file. I am wondering if I need to get my host to restart
>> interchange manually?
> I am using IC 5.4. I simply add new fields to my mysql database, then
> apply
I am using 5.6.1, I guess I am not understanding where you are making the
change. Is it in the catalog.cfg file? Also, cannot not find admin UI. I
have tables where I can upload, download, export, import the txt files. I
have misc, where I can access all the files in their directories. I made
the change in the pricing.txt file from my local machine and then uploaded
it, applied change and logged off and back on. I can view the file in its
directory and it has the changes. However, pricing.mysql does not reflect
the changes.
I am getting closer I think, but just need to determine the order and
place to make the additions.

> changes to the admin UI.
> You can check your tables in the admin UI to see if the new fields are
> showing. I don't mess with the text files, or the definitions in the
> dbconf/mysql section either.
> Steve
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