[ic] Changing URL format for args?

Gert van der Spoel gert at 3edge.com
Tue Sep 2 18:33:49 UTC 2008

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> Subject: [ic] Changing URL format for args?
> Hi all,
>    I've been a minivend/interchange user for a while, but always
>    wondered...  Is there a way to change the format of the URLs used
>    by interchange?
>    Right now I have a URL that looks like
>       http://www.example.com/catalog/browse?4tZj4b7W;widgets
>    I'd like to pass more information within the URL to indicate that
>    only widgets starting with A-C should be displayed, so I can do:
>       http://www.example.com/catalog/browse?4tZj4b7W;widgets--a-c
>    I access it via [data session arg] which returns 'widgets--a-c'.
>    This is getting clunky and users complain that they can't remember
>    the URL to get to the products.  I'd rather have something in the
>    form of
>       http://www.example.com/catalog/browse/widgets/a-c/?4tZj4b7W
>    Is this possible with interchange?
> Thanks!
> Chris (who's getting back into it after a multi-year hiatus)




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