[ic] IC 5.6.0 only working with socketperms 666

IC ic at tvcables.co.uk
Wed Sep 3 13:34:11 UTC 2008

By default, IC socket file is owned by user who is running Interchange,
and is chmod 600.

All you have to do is make the cgi link program run as that user.

So, if it's a vhost, you can define User and Group options in apache
config, and then the link program will run as that user.

If it's not, you can use Apache's suexec, and chown link program to
Interchange, and set suid bit on it. But read more on suexec on apache
documentation pages, because it has a whole set of rules before it
will suid the program.

Hi Doc,

Can you elaborate a little more please as to which files I need to change,
also if I am the only one on the server is it safe to just run it 0666?


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