[ic] Password Problem

kim Gross kgross at jensalt.com
Fri Sep 12 18:27:03 UTC 2008

Paul Jordan wrote:
>> bounces at icdevgroup.org] On Behalf Of kim Gross
>> I'm not sure what happened (could be something to do with a power
>> outage), but I can no longer log in as admin to work on my interchange
>> setup.  How can I reset the password or look it up on the machine?  I am
>> running 5.4.2 on a Debian install via apt.
> Kim, this has been asked and answer many times in the archives.
> However, this info is stored in <catroot>/products/access.asc. If you have
> SSH access, the suggestions in the archives will work great.
> Good luck,
> Paul

I guess I am just not smart enough to run this software.  I have looked 
in access.asc, and can not find anything that seems to be the password.  
Plus from what I could tell from reading the archives from years ago, 
the password is encrypted,  So I am not sure what the password is.

my access.asc has this for the first 2 lines

username        password        name    last_login      super   
yes_tables      no_tables       upload  acl     export  edit    pages   
files   config  reconfig        groups  meta    no_functions    
yes_functions   table_control   personal_css
__MVC_SUPERUSER__       __MVC_CRYPTPW__ Site Admin      977216772       1

Does this make the password the 977216772 entry?

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