[ic] Upgrade and Matrix issues

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Sat Sep 13 00:20:59 UTC 2008

On 09/12/2008 11:03 AM, John Hoy wrote:
> Hello Group,
> I have a new catalog and am having troubles with my matrix options, I
> can create the option, however it will not carry that option to the
> cart, meaning the options drop down list is there but when I add to
> cart it simply does not add anything to the cart.  I have other
> catalogs that are not having the same matrix issues.  If I use simple
> options, I don't have the same issue.

This is caused by IC not being able to find the full sku (including 
options) in the products tables.  There's a few different things that 
can be responsible for this, check:

1.  Your variants table is defined as a products table in your 
catalog.cfg file.  Check that you have a line like this:
ProductFiles   products variants

2.  Your variants table is being populated.  Are you remembering to run 
"Create All Possible Combinations" from the options editor?

3.  Check that the code that is generated in the variants table matches 
the sku that IC looks for when you attempt to add the product to your 
shopping cart.  You can check the catalog level error.log file for the 
sku that IC is looking for.  Sometimes the order of the options will be 
different.  This is an issue that has been resolved in IC 5.6.

> I heard that the new version has better Matrix options.

Yes, or at least several bugs have been fixed.

> My developer
> cannot seem to install the latest version, so my question is this.
> Can someone offer to upgrade my current version of 5.4.2 and have a
> look to see why my matrix options are not working.  I will gladly pay
> for the service.  It is Unix.

Sure, email me and I'll be glad to help, or you can jump into 
irc.icdevgroup.org #interchange and have a chat with me there.


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