[ic] Free Shipping Help

Sam Batschelet sam at westbranchresort.com
Thu Sep 25 12:43:38 UTC 2008

Ic 5.5.1
I'm sorry to have to post this but as it has been covered in the mailing
list a few times.  I had free shipping working fine and the only thing I
changed was how the lookups were done.  Now when the free_or_uspg variable
for price is not reached (below $100.00) I get a data response >>usps below
the rates.  This is a minor issue probably formatting but when the cost is
over $100.00 it shows both the free and the regular UPS charges and does not
default to UPSG.  I have tried copying and pasting mikes demo directly into
shipping.asc but it still doesn't work I was hoping another set of eyes
could help.  Also why does shipping.asc flatten everything so its hard to
read in the demo it looks a lot more organized.

ValuesDefault   mv_shipmode  __SHIP_DEFAULT_MODE__


free_or_upsg    UPS Ground      [subtotal noformat=1]   0       99.99   e
>>upsg                {'ups' => "0",'PriceDivide' => "1",'ui_ship_type' =>
"_subtotal",'description' => "UPS Ground",}

free_or_upsg    UPS Ground      [subtotal noformat=1]   99.99   9999999 0.00
{'free' => "Free!",'PriceDivide' => "1",'description' => "UPS Ground",}

upsg    UPS Ground      weight  0       0       e No shipping needed!
{'ups' => "0",'PriceDivide' => "1",'ui_ship_type' => "weight",'description'
=> "UPS Ground",}

upsg    UPS Ground      weight  0       1000    f [ups-query
zip="[either][value zip][or][var SHIP_DEFAULT_ZIP][/either]" mode="GNDRES"

upsg    UPS Ground      weight  150     9999999 e Too heavy for UPS

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