[ic] usps-query in shipping.asc international shipments SOLVED

Sam Batschelet sam at westbranchresort.com
Fri Sep 26 14:24:31 UTC 2008

On 9/26/08 9:00 AM, "Steve Graham" <icdev at mrlock.com> wrote:

>>>> This in theory should give a response but doesn't:
>>>> [usps-query service="GLOBAL EXPRESS MAIL (EMS)" weight="1"
>>>> country="Japan"]
>>>> Any help would be great
>>>> Thanks -Sam
>>> I use fixed tables for Global Express, didn't know USPS had a WWW query
>>> service.
>> Steve thanks for your reply the WWW query is very nice for domestic
>> shipping
>> just read the notes in usps_query very easy to implement.  I am going to
>> take a look at the code a little deeper. According to this article from
>> End
>> Point this is a know issue just curious if there was ever a fix?
>> http://www.endpoint.com/page/news/technews/usps_changes_rate_api
> I will have to look into this, however I notice it does not use a similar
> ups_cache table function - I really like this UPS feature for those rare
> occasions that there is no UPS WWW connectivity.
Yeah I actually got this to work now but great point a cache or failover to
local tables would make sense I did notice a down query in testing having
live rates is nice for accuracy though.

Follow the diff in to update usps_query.tag should add to CVS?  If you read
the notes in the tag setting this up is very easy but here is a snip my
shipping.asc has live rates for USPS and UPS working hope it helps someone.


upsb    UPS 2nd Day Air weight  0       1000    f [ups-query
zip="[either][value zip][or][var SHIP_DEFAULT_ZIP][/either]" mode="2DA"
weight="@@TOTAL@@"]                {'PriceDivide' => "1",'description' =>
"UPS 2nd Day Air",}
upsb    UPS 2nd Day Air weight  150     9999999 e Too Large To Ship With UPS
{'PriceDivide' => "1",'description' => "UPS 2nd Day Air",}

gem     Global Express Mail     weight  0       1000    f [usps-query
service="EXPRESS MAIL INTERNATIONAL (EMS)" weight="@@TOTAL@@" country="[data
table=country field=name key='[value country]']"]            {'PriceDivide'
=> "1",'description' => "Global Express Mail",}
gem     Global Express Mail     weight  70      9999999 e Too Heavy To Ship
Global Express Email For Quote              {'PriceDivide' =>
"1",'description' => "Global Express Mail",}

upswwe  UPS World Wide Expidited        weight  0       1000    f [ups-query
country="[value country]" mode="XPD" weight="@@TOTAL@@"]
upswwe  UPS World Wide Expedited        weight  70      9999999 0

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