[ic] Intermittent Authorize.net Problem

Chris Keane chris.keane at zzgi.com
Tue Sep 30 22:45:07 UTC 2008

Hi all,

Just looking for some thoughts. We have a client who sends in a large 
series of authorize.net transactions. Specifically, it's a race 
organization who bills the racer's cards at the end of the event for 
whatever they actually raced.

This has worked flawlessly. Until about a month ago, when the 
Net::SSLeay connection to auth.net seemed to develop an intermittent 
dropout. Specifically, this section from Vend::Payment:

                 my ($page, $response, %reply_headers)
                 = post_https(
                            $server, $port, $script,
                            make_headers( %header ),
                            make_form(    %$query ),
                 my $header_string = '';

                 for(keys %reply_headers) {
                         $header_string .= "$_: $reply_headers{$_}\n";
::logDebug("received Net::SSLeay header: $header_string");

All the inputs are being delivered right but in the cases where this 
error shows, the returned values are empty, so $header_string is empty, 
and in fact it APPEARS that the connection is getting closed 
prematurely. The problem is that Interchange does the only sensible 
thing and marks the transaction as failed, while the auth.net server 
actually accepts it and sends for settlement. This has resulted in some 
racers being double billed when Interchange sends the transaction again.

I know that Net::SSLeay has a debugger built in... any thoughts on how 
to extract that info? I'm assuming that the connection is getting 
prematurely closed, but does anyone have any other thoughts?
Seems to have to about 3% of transactions.

I suspect it's something specific to this server since none of our other 
servers are showing the problem.

Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome!


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