[ic] Is 5.7.1 development release running stable?

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Wed Apr 1 20:34:31 UTC 2009

>> Does anyone know if 5.6 or 5.7 have functionality to allow multiple IC
>> pages to be executed simultaneously by the same session?  An executing
>> page in the UI prevents further work from being done until it has
>> finished executing.
> Interchange does not currently have the ability for a session to be shared
> by two simultaneous requests. (For good technical reasons.)
> There are a few ways you can achieve something like this, though:
> (1) Make one of the requests look like a robot so that it won't use a
> session at all (if you're doing something read-only that doesn't require
> authentication -- thus probably not really needing a session).
> (2) Hack the core to implement the idea of a "read-only" session. I've
> done this in some experiments that never went into production, but it
> works well on pages designed for it. The basic idea is that a certain page
> request reads the session but immediately closes it, so that any changes
> to the session made on the page are lost.
> (3) A corollary to both (1) and (2) is that you can keep certain crucial
> data in cookies, so that you don't need a session for certain pages.
> (4) Finally, you could be a little crazy and hack the core to not lock
> sessions but blithely blow away session changes made in the first request
> when the second writes out its session. Not recommended, but possible.
> Jon

Sounds good, thanks a lot Jon.

- Grant

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