[ic] starting questions

sim sim at eyetravel.us
Mon Apr 6 15:40:17 UTC 2009

{I sent this to the list a week ago and got a message back that the
subject looked like spam and would be looked at by an admin, but it
never got sent.}

Hi I'm new (or re-new, as I used IC for a small project about 10 years
ago) to Interchange and I was wondering if:

a) Are there any recent reviews/comparisons of IC and other similar
systems (either open source or not)?
b) Is there a searchable archive of the mailing list?
c) The application I'm planning is a web-store with over 2 million
products in the catalog and monthly update  and daily stock update
files. Is there any reason why IC would not be appropriate for this?
(I'm planning on using a dedicated server)
d) Does anyone know any IC projects being done in Israel?

Thank you
Sim Zacks

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