[ic] Standard Demo Finalize Page

Steve Graham icdev at mrlock.com
Tue Apr 7 22:08:25 UTC 2009


I just noticed that the standard demo finalize page does not display the 
company name in either the shipping or billing address:
this may be a personal preference, but the values are collected at order 
entry time, might as well display them on the final page.

<table width="100%">
						<td style="[if scratch dhtml_browser]padding: 5px[/if]" width="50%">
						[page ord/shipping]<u><b>Ship [if value mv_same_billing]and bill[/if] 
						[value fname] [value lname]<br>
               +   [if value company][value company]<br>[/if]
						[value address1]<br>
						[if value address2][value address2]<br>[/if]
						[value city][if value state], [value state][/if]  [value zip]<br>
						[value country]
						[if !value mv_same_billing]
						<td style="[if scratch dhtml_browser]padding: 5px[/if]" width="50%">
						[page ord/billing]<u><b>Bill to</b></u></a>:<br>
						[value b_fname] [value b_lname]<br>
						[value b_address1]<br>
               +   [if value b_company][value b_company]<br>[/if]
						[if value b_address2][value b_address2]<br>[/if]
						[value b_city][if value b_state], [value b_state][/if]  [value 
						[value b_country]


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