[ic] Interchange color/size/etc options.

Adam Lambert adam at khouse.org
Wed Apr 8 21:42:00 UTC 2009

Steve Graham wrote:
>>    Lovely -- apparently it also tires to set column 'sku' to null
>> also....   I think I have a bigger problem here than just the db 
>> schema....
> You may have already done this but...
> If you are working on a Live catalog, make a test part number and keep 
> making the database accept the null values until you get it to go though, 
> then look at
> your option database file and see if anything is written to the file.
> suggestions:
> check the rights on your dbconf files
> check log file in /usr/local/interchange/error.log       (default location, 
> yours may be elsewhere)
> You may need to turn on debugging

    Yes, it is a "live" catalog, I don't have a test one.  The error.log
with debug on is where I've been getting the error data from. 

    Side note --- I gave up on getting the admin interface working, and
just INSERT'ed a color option into the options table, copying from the
demo database.  The option shows up as expected in the admin interface
once done.   However, I get zero indication anywhere in the store that
there is any "options" for it at all (in other words, the user never
gets asked anything picking the color).     Let me guess, I have to
write a bunch of ITL into my pages to make it work?   :(


Adam Lambert
Koinonia House, Inc.
adam at khouse.org

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