[ic] Refunds via [charge]

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Mon Aug 3 20:19:02 UTC 2009

>> Can the [charge] tag be used to refund a card?  I'm not sure how this
>> could be done since the mv_credit_card_* stuff is not known at that
>> point.  Can the original transaction ID be set to a variable that
>> [charge] will use to apply the credit?
>> - Grant
>> _______________________________________________
> Hi Grant,
> I recently implemented this for a client who uses Authorize.net. This
> payment gateway requires you have:
> * The transaction is submitted with the valid transaction ID
> (x_trans_id) of an original, successfully settled transaction.
> * The amount being requested for refund is less than or equal to the
> original settled amount.
> * The sum amount of multiple Credit transactions submitted against the
> original transaction is less than or equal to the original settled amount.
> * At least the last four digits of the credit card number (x_card_num)
> used for the original, successfully settled transaction are submitted.
> An expiration date is not required.
> * The transaction is submitted within 120 days of the settlement date of
> the original transaction.
> Here's a code snippet
> [charge
>   route='authnet'
>   orderid='transactionid_issued_at_sale'
>   amount=$refund_as_postive_number
>   auth_code='authcode_issued_at_sale',
>   transaction='CREDIT',
>   log_to_error=1
>  ]
> In the case of Authorize.net you need to pass a transaction type of
> CREDIT to the charge tag. I had to start saving the last 4 digits of the
> credit card number and the expiration date to the transactions table to
> allow the refund. I had to also create a screen which would allow my
> client to process the refund adn include any necessary credit card info
> I am working on implementing on a solution that can be committed to the
> core.
> Thanks,
> Chris

Thanks Chris and Lyn.

Chris, as for the credit amount not being over the original charge
amount, are you sure that's an Authorize.net limitation and not one
imposed by the merchant account?  I have the same restriction on my
Authorize.net account and I thought it was imposed by my merchant
account.  I know there's a paper you can fill out to remove that

I noticed there doesn't seem to be an entry for the last 4 digits in
your snippet above.  Is that meant to be set to mv_credit_card_number?

How many files did you modify to make this work?  I'd love to have the
same functionality.

- Grant

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