[ic] Migrating to a new server

Rick Bragg lists at gmnet.net
Tue Aug 4 23:29:19 UTC 2009

On Sun, 2009-07-19 at 06:04 -0700, Grant wrote:
> >> I'd like to move to a faster server within my same hosting company. How
> >> do you guys go about this?  I can imagine I would install everything on
> >> the new server, export tables on the old server, move the tables over,
> >> delete products/*.sql on the new server,
> >
> > I would use your database's native export and import to move the entire
> > database over, rather than Interchange's table export and import. For one
> > thing it's almost certain to be faster, but it also gets database-specific
> > things Interchange won't. (Triggers, constraints, views, comments, etc.)
> >
> >> restart IC on the new server, change my DNS info, and shut down the old
> >> server. My TTL is 1 hour and I'm OK with some people getting no website
> >> for an hour.
> >
> > Why not lower your TTL to 10 minutes an hour or two before you migrate?
> >
> > It's also nice to post a "down for maintenance" page in Apache for any
> > request on the old site so that people aren't as frustrated.
> >
> > Jon
> Sounds good, thanks Jon.
> - Grant

I agree, after bringing the site down or into "under construction" use
database tools to copy the data, and don't delete those .sql files...
Also Be careful with access.gdbm you might want to keep that as is.  

Are you also upgrading software such as apache, perl, mysql/postgresql,
interchange, mail software?  If so, make sure you got all the needed
modules config files, etc.  Check your payment gateway specific stuff
just in case, also check email services, and also if there are any url
changes during this "upgrade", set up permanent redirects for all of
them to keep you up in the ranks.


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