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> > Hi List;
> > 
> > I am having lots of trouble with this and I hope someone can please
> > help
> > me through this, point me in the write direction, or talk me down from
> > the leadge!
> > 
> > I am wondering if there is a "best practice" or examples for using the
> > FCK editor for editing and saving content but not in the admin area.  I
> > have a field in a database called "content" and I want it to be
> > editable
> > by affiliates via the FCK editor.  Again, this is NOT in the admin
> > area,
> > but in the catalog itself.  The problem I am having is that when they
> > paste certain things from a pdf or word file (they have to be able to
> > do
> > this!) things look fine in the editor, but when they save it, things
> > sometimes get encoded in strange ways.  I have FCK configured to paste
> > as plain text only! (no strait paste, or paste from word is enabled).
> > I
> > have been writing strange filters to try to catch them, but this seems
> > the totally wrong way to go.  Does anybody have a sample of a form that
> > calls up data, sticks it into FCK, then when submitted, saves back to
> > the table in such a way that strange characters don't get introduced?
> > It does not seem to be a browser issue at all.
> Interchange version?
> > Thanks!
> > Rick
> > 
> > 

Oh sorry, I am using IC version 5.6.1 and FCK Version 2.6.3

I have to use paste as text because these people (local government
employees - fine people...) are pasting from all kinds of sources and
there were many problems due to this.  The solution was alway "paste as
text" but these people don't even know their own email addresses
nevermind how to paste something as plain text.  When I let them use
paste from word, or if they paste html from their old site, PDF
documents, word perfect, whatever, things get really ugly!  There are
all kinds of characters that get messed up or just show up out of
nowhere and they can't figure out how to deal with it, give up, and are
almost ready to scrap it!  

One of the main problems is that it is a site for a city.  They expect
everything to work perfect even on the tiny budget.  My bid won the
contract and so I need to be able to tell them the truth about
limitations, and come up with solid work-arounds.  If some things just
can't be done, I need to make sure that I am not the cause.  Competition
is really tough and someone else with different software will jump in
soon and the city will scrap my whole project if my solutions don't work
where other platforms will..  Anyway, Don't mean to ramble but my back
is against the wall with time and I am just lost with this issue.


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