[ic] Bank of America interface

Richard Siddall richard.siddall at elirion.net
Wed Aug 12 17:04:09 UTC 2009

Mike Heins wrote:
> Does anyone know what the Bank of America (BOA) is currently using
> for a payment interface? I know at one point we had a module named
> CyberSource, but I believe it was deleted.

Short answer: no, I don't know.  (Does BoA care, or can you use one of 
several gateways?)

However, according to http://www.420.am/business-onlinepayment/ there's 
a Business::OnlinePayment::BankOfAmerica module.  It's several years 
old, but the links in the POD on CPAN still go to a valid page on the 
BoA web site.  So, it might be useful if that's the gateway BoA wants 
you to use.


	Richard Siddall

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