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>> Both my modules contain debug statements such as:
>> ::logDebug("CDMI CDMI start");
>> ::logDebug("CDMI post_cdmi start");
>> and these are not showing up in the debug/error logs.  That would seem
>> to
>> indicate that the new payment module is not running at all?  Now do I
>> get it
>> to run?  When I restart IC I see the successful "Require" messages so
>> IC is
>> finding them but does not seem to recognize the payment mode.
> Have you tried putting debug statements in Payment.pm to see if you can 
> find
> the place where things might be breaking before reaching the modules you
> created?
> CU,
> Gert
Did that and didn't find much, but what did the trick was realizing there 
HAD to be a table somewhere that equated payment mode names with file names 
Payment lib modules.


Found that table, did the entry, and lo! it executes.
Turned the original command line code into a subroutine and it's talking to 
the card processor system.  Working out the variable name map and that 
should do it.  I'll do a summary when it -really- works.
Hey Gert thanks for the pointers, it was your first reply that got me on the 
track.  I haven't had to hack IC much, it's so flexible anyway.
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