[ic] Does IC install extra stuff?

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Tue Aug 18 23:47:01 UTC 2009

>> Is there a way to figure out if IC is using any of the perl modules in
>> /usr/local/interchange so I might be able to delete them?  Could 'make
>> install' have installed anything outside of /usr/local/interchange?
> You installed Bundle::KitchenSink already before you finished your IC
> install right?
> Then my assumption is that if you would remove those perl models from
> /usr/local/interchange that things should still work.
> Then again, my 2nd theory is that if you have Interchange installing those
> modules under /usr/local/interchange/  then the Perl that you used to
> install interchange was not able to find these modules. Or the test in order
> to find these modules is broken in the Interchange installation process ...
> Are you using a stock Perl, or your own compiled Perl?  There might be the
> key to this. I use a self compiled Perl and if you do too then this might be
> the reason why these things end up in /usr/local/interchange ... But that is
> just a theory and that could mean that the installation process has a
> certain issue with determining if all modules are available ...
> And if you are not on a production environment then the first thing I would
> try is to move all of those modules away from /usr/local/interchange,
> restart the kitty and see if she will still purr ... If you are only having
> production that might be a bit of a crash & burn experience for some of the
> visitors in those exciting 5 minutes ...   (so 'move all of those modules =
> zip -r -9 myiclib.zip /usr/local/interchange/lib/ ... then whackallmodules ,
> restart, check if it still plays, if not unzip that myiclib.zip and restart

I haven't removed them, but I can see from an error I'm getting that
IC is using at least some perl modules from /usr/local/interchange.
How can I make it aware of the modules installed in the system?

- Grant

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