[ic] flypage specialsub patch

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Mon Aug 31 20:54:17 UTC 2009

Quoting Peter (peter at pajamian.dhs.org):
> On 08/31/2009 12:01 PM, Mike Heins wrote:
> > Quoting Jon Jensen (jon at endpoint.com):
> >> On Mon, 31 Aug 2009, Mike Heins wrote:
> >>
> >>> Looks like a good fix to me. I can't imagine that it would cause a 
> >>> problem even for someone currently using the SpecialSub.
> >> It looks more reasonable to me than the old code, but the behavior doesn't 
> >> quite look compatible. Before, $base could be assigned an arbitrary result 
> >> hashref and thus could be used for a different kind of on-the-fly product, 
> >> but now it seems the product code has to actually exist in a real 
> >> database.
> > 
> > Good point.
> > 
> >> I am not using that feature and don't object to the change, but I thought 
> >> I'd point out the different behavior.
> > 
> > Now that I think about it, it was designed to handle OnFly products so the
> > change doesn't make sense.
> Ok, well that's why I asked.  How about we keep the old code if the
> return is a hashref, but if it's just a text scalar which contains a sku
> then get $base from product_code_exists_ref()?

I think that works.

> Also just to give an explicit way to say, "don't display a flypage for
> this" a return of undef could result in the flypage being skipped as
> if the sku doesn't exist?


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