[ic] Filter out hyphens - retain white space?

Music music at labyrinth.net.au
Sat Dec 5 00:27:01 UTC 2009

I am wondering if there is a filter or combination of filters that I could 
use to remove hyphens while retaining white spaces.

I need this because my swish searches are failing on product model numbers 
that have hyphens in them, i.e.

Product description in database: NVIDIA GFORCE 9800-GTX

Swish search for 9800GTX returns no results. (a very common format of search 
for something like the above)

I tried tweaking my swish config however could not get it to return any 
results so I figured a solution would be to add the product description 
without hyphens to the keyword meta tag. This would also be useful for SEO.

Example of what is needed:
[filter hyphens]NVIDIA GFORCE 9800-GTX[/filter]


I have tried a few combinations of documented filters without success.

If a filter like this is not available I would be able to pay for someone to 
write a custom filter and would be happy to make it available to the IC 

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