[ic] Interchange server is unavailable... emergency

Jonathan Clark jonathan.clark at setfiremedia.com
Mon Dec 28 11:36:04 UTC 2009

> The database has now been rolled back to the way it was before I knew
> anything about the problem,  Also removed the .mysql .txt and .sql
> files.  That should rule out the problem being from the database.  Also
> permissions on the socket were checked, Still no go...

This doesn't look like a problem caused by the database.

The error indicates one of two problems:

1. Interchange is actually not running (but it looks like it is from
the logs, and ps)
2. Your link program can't connect to it

So.. reasons why you wouldn't be able to connect:

1. Your permissions don't match - setting the socket permissions to
777 would prove this was the case
2. you have the wrong path compiled into your link program. (I can't
see a full path in your strings output)
3. your link program does not have permission to traverse to the socket.

Hope this helps.


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