[ic] [ice] Getting ride of credit card box at checkout

kerry kerry at basicq.com
Mon Feb 9 17:22:17 UTC 2009

Payment dropdown has PO in it, nothing else. What I was trying to say is
there is no dropdown to select credit card type. However, there is a blank
box where you put your credit card number and another box where you put
the code. I do have PO_ACCEPTED  set to 1. I moved the original include/
file back, and the card information is back. The only way I have been able
to get rid of the card info boxes is to remove the credit card information
from new_browser_payment and I think I will also have to remove it from
 new_browser_payment_multi. This one seems to control the click on
checkout in top menu and the checkout button in the cart.

>If There is no option in the payment dropdown then make sure PO_ACCEPTED
> is
> set to 1 because Interchange does not find a default payment hence it
> being
> blank.
> PO_ACCEPTED     1       Payment
> If those are both set and you actually see no drop down then you might
> want
> to replace your include/* files you changed to there original state and
> perhaps checkout.html.
> -Sam
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