[ic] Shipping modes

kerry kerry at basicq.com
Tue Feb 10 21:08:11 UTC 2009

I have searched the list and came up with some related problems with
shipping but not sure if version differences (I have 5.6.1) would make the
solutions invalid or not. I have free_or_uspg as default in my test
customer. When I order some products, it goes to checkout without asking
for ship mode. When I order others from a different vendor, checkout
process prompts for country, and then offers a list of methods to ship.
Problem is that it only shows 2 to 3 of the overnight or next day
offerings. The sku numbers for this vendor start with 0-123, or 000-123
type numbers where the one that work kinda ok is a series of 4-6 numbers
and a -123 type.

I also added a pickup and a deliver on our truck mode. These show up in
the customers settings, but not in the drop down. I checked the
shipping.asc file and it seems the changes are written to this file after
making changes via admin, commerce, shipping.

Where is, or what file are the shipping modes in the checkout dropdown
derived from?

I have tried to solve this for the most part of today and just cannot make
headway with it.


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