[ic] Admin meta editor preserves newlines?

Jeff Boes jeff at endpoint.com
Wed Feb 11 15:33:15 UTC 2009

I have a complex "Append HTML" field in the table editor that looks like this:

[if explicit][condition]'_UI_VALUE_'[/condition]
<a href="[area href="admin/edit_image"
|]" style="vertical-align: middle">
<img border="0" alt="_UI_VALUE_" style="margin: 5px"
Click to edit image</a>[/if]

It appears in the mv_metadata.asc file with "^M" characters embedded. This
causes a problem for some browsers when these end up in the URL as "%0d" characters.

Should the "Prepend HTML" and "Append HTML" fields preserve newlines like this?
or should they be stripped, or translated to spaces? It seems the only way I can
correct this issue at present is to directly edit the mv_metadata.asc file.

Jeffery Boes  <><
jeff at endpoint.com

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