[ic] Admin meta editor preserves newlines?

Gert van der Spoel gert at 3edge.com
Wed Feb 11 16:04:20 UTC 2009

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> Subject: [ic] Admin meta editor preserves newlines?
> I have a complex "Append HTML" field in the table editor that looks
> like this:
> [if explicit][condition]'_UI_VALUE_'[/condition]
> <br/>
> <a href="[area href="admin/edit_image"
>  form=|
> image=/citypass/images/upload/regular/_UI_VALUE_&return=admin/flex_edit
> or?item_id=_UI_KEY_&mv_data_table=_UI_TABLE_
> |]" style="vertical-align: middle">
> <img border="0" alt="_UI_VALUE_" style="margin: 5px"
> src="/citypass/images/upload/thumb/_UI_VALUE_?[time]%s[/time]">
> <br/>
> Click to edit image</a>[/if]
> It appears in the mv_metadata.asc file with "^M" characters embedded.
> This
> causes a problem for some browsers when these end up in the URL as
> "%0d" characters.
> Should the "Prepend HTML" and "Append HTML" fields preserve newlines
> like this?
> or should they be stripped, or translated to spaces? It seems the only
> way I can
> correct this issue at present is to directly edit the mv_metadata.asc
> file.

The area tag in this HTML needs the newlines, but mv_metadata.asc cannot
handle newlines.
Problem exists with all of these type of things (such as the check on
existing sku in the admin, which does not work out of the box).

This is an overall issue with the mv_metadata.asc files ...



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