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Marty Tennison marty at dripdepot.com
Wed Feb 11 21:18:22 UTC 2009

kerry wrote:
> I have my cart live finally. I setup qty breaks on all items that had them
> per previous post. It works fine for the way it is setup. I have run into
> a problem with it. If I have an item that is available at 1 unit for $2
> ea, and have a package of 6 for $1 ea, I have no control of the qty break
> package. If someone orders 8 units, they get the 6 package price. I would
> like to for them to get 6 at the 6 package price and the other 2 at the
> single unit price. I search the archive, but could not find the right
> terms to bring this problem up.
> Has anyone had the same situation? It the solution relative simple? (for a
> non coder) I can find my way around most of the code and make simple
> adjustments.
> Kerry
As soon as I hit reply I thought of this....

You could setup an optioned item with two options...

1) Single item with single price
2) Case of item with case price. (for example, 6 per case)

Then, if the customer wants to order, for example 8 items, then they
would have to order two line items.  One line would be the case (qty 1)
and the second would be the single item (qty 2).  Then, the cart looks
clean, the customer sees the case at one price and the singles at
another price. 

You can, of course, automate this with some code so that if a customer
orders 8 items (as single) it automatically generates two line items (as
above) and save the customer from having to click twice.  But that would
be a custom hack.

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