[ic] multiple package pricing

kerry kerry at basicq.com
Thu Feb 12 21:01:51 UTC 2009

For now, I am putting warning messages on qty breaks and putting the Full
Pack information in the short description.
I believe I am going to have another problem with the order. If a customer
tries to order on separate lines, I believe the system just adds the qty
to the other line, thus preventing the order being placed properly.
> We have basically implemented 2 different skus. 1 sku is for singles, and
> they can order any qty the want, and the other sku is for full boxes. This
> makes the vendor stock two different shelf items, but it takes care of the
> problem. You can list the box qty sku in the product description or use
> the
> promotion feature in IC to show the associated item.
> The real solution would be to make IC create a new line item entry for the
> qty that exceeds the box qty (or multiple of the box qty). You would have
> to
> enter a new field into the inventory database for case/box qty for each
> sku
> and do the necessary coding at some point after the user clicks the
> add-to-cart button.
> I need this feature also, but have settled on the easy-out for now.
> Steve
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