[ic] Min Qty

kerry kerry at basicq.com
Tue Jan 6 16:08:08 UTC 2009

>>> Hi - please do not top-post to avoid the scorn of this list.
>>> Did you remember to (quoting from that link):
>>> "In your shopping cart page (usually ord/basket.html or similar file),
>>> add a [batch]  tag before the [item-list] tag." ?
>>> It is wise to check your error logs before posting - they often tell
>>> you
>>> exactly what's wrong.
>>> DB
>> Yes, I added the [batch] tag. It is working. It allows the qty until you
>> click on edit in the basket, and then the qty is changed to the min qty?
>> I
>> need to check to see if it allowing multiples of min qty. I just wanted
>> to
>> add a message explaining why it changed.
>> I will take a look at the logs and see if I can find the problem. Also,
>> will try to remember to "not" top post.
>> Kerry
> I use that exact code and it seems to work. I have the code in my cart
> component, with the message shown in the description of each affected
> item.
> DB
Maybe I am not putting it in the right file. I am trying to put it in the
basket.html file. Is the cart component within this file?


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