[ic] sales price

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Wed Jan 7 04:46:08 UTC 2009

On 01/06/2009 08:29 PM, Darnell Hudson wrote:
> I am try put a sales price on a client website. I know in the products 
> table there is a column for
> sales price where is the sales price locate in the admin area. and how 
> do I get a sales price on the flypage.html to show sales price.

The sale price is not in the item editor by default but is easy to add.
 When you're in the item editor, click on the "item editor" link next to
the yellow duck in the upper left corner under the top two rows of tabs.
 Then in the "fields to edit" box, add sale_price in directly below
price.  Click OK and from then on Sale Price will show in the Pricing
tab of the item editor.

The sale price should show on the flypage and work automatically by
default, but if not, check the CommonAdjust string in your catalog.cfg
and make sure it looks something like this:
CommonAdjust   pricing:q5,q10 ;:sale_price, ;:price, ;$, :related,

for more info about CommonAdjust.


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