[ic] Who's Online for Interchange

Gert van der Spoel gert at 3edge.com
Wed Jan 7 08:46:25 UTC 2009

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> Subject: [ic] Who's Online for Interchange
> I wrote a program for Interchange that is based off of OSCommerce's
> Who's
> Online feature.
> It is still being worked on, however it is fully functional, so I
> decided to
> share it with you guys in hopes someone might find it useful and also
> to get
> some feedback for ideas and improvements.
> The code currently resides in a UserTag ( including the HTML ).
> Depending
> on how you intend on using it, you may or may not like this design. IE,
> of
> how it might be useful in a UserTag: My client wants to see a snapshot
> of
> who's on their site on every admin page, I achieved this by adding the
> tag
> to lib/UI/vars/UI_STD_FOOTER (if there is a better way to do this,
> please
> let me know).
> The files can be located here:
> http://www.mhtg.net/interch/wo/
> A screenshot of what it looks like can be found there as online.jpg.
> Note: It _currently_ only works for file based sessions.
> Note #2: To see a visitor's session details you click on the link under
> the Online column.
> All feedback welcome.
> Don

Hi Don,

I've installed it and it looks very nice :)

I notice two things in my set up:
1) The IP Address field is sometimes empty. I suspect this is the case when
it is not possible to resolve the IP. However I'd expect it to then just
show the IP number (which are available in the session). So I'd either show
the IP number when it cannot resove or a simple text to explain why the IP
is not showing ('cannot resolve') instead of leaving it empty.

2) For me the Last URL is always showing as 'n/a' and also in the details
there is no breadcrumb information showing .. I've had a quick look and it
appears to be related to the breadcrumbs.tag which looks to be the one
setting breadcrumbs data in the session. As far as I can tell this tag is
only supplied if you install the foundation and is then being used. In case
you have a 'build from scratch' site it does not come automatically .... I
think that default there is a 'History' hash in the session or something
like that.

Anyway it is almost replacing my tail -f /www/catalog/logs/usertrack | grep
-E "(ADDITEM)"  :)




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