[ic] Strange bug in [loop]

Jeff Boes jeff at endpoint.com
Thu Jan 8 20:40:23 UTC 2009

I've found a strange behavior in [loop] that only exhibits on Admin (UI) pages.
This shows up in my local install, V5.3.2.

Here's the basic page:

 First: [loop-pos 0]; Second: [loop-pos 1]; Third: [loop-pos 2] <br/>

This produces, as you might expect:

 First: col1a; Second: col2a; Third: col3a
 First: col1b; Second: col2b; Third: col3b

However, if you surround the basic page with --

 ...basic stuff here...

you get the entirely unexpected

 First: col1a:col2a:col3a; Second: ; Third:
 First: col1b:col2b:col3b; Second: ; Third:

I.e., the delimiter ":" is ignored.

If you trap the basic stuff in a scratch variable first:

 [tmp foo]...basic stuff here...[/tmp]
 [scratch foo]

the original expected behavior returns -- but all the menu tabs normally
produced are displayed blank!

My colleagues at End Point have looked at this briefly, and our assumption is
that the [menu] tag within UI_STD_HEAD is at fault somehow. I'm not sure if this
is a bug in [menu], in [loop], or in the UI_STD_HEAD code.

Jeffery Boes  <><
jeff at endpoint.com

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