[ic] Simple Options Matrix Options

Steve Graham icdev at mrlock.com
Fri Jan 16 14:47:11 UTC 2009

> Yes, I the options do show up for selection and the price differences is
> correct. The options are not showing up in the email copy of the order.
> When I go to reports online, the options are showing up in the customers
> order. Once in the cart, the option information is gone, as it is on the
> final receipt after the order is processed. This shows pretty much what is
> on the order that is emailed.

We use simple options, and I remember making some changes in IC5.4, but I 
don't use the SIZE or COLOR modifiers.

Do you get a copy of the order emailed to someone? - is the information you 
need showing in this email?
If so, I usually just compare the code in these two files - they are both in 
that same directory.

The receipt.html code for the final order process page is also listed there, 
you might look at that code as well - if this is displaying your modifiers 
correctly then it might offer insight.

The report file contains the information sent in the email to order 


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